Update to Radiation Treatment

Hi again!

I promised to come back and write a few more words about the treatment if anything changed. It’s April 29th and I’ve passed the halfway mark in my treatment. I’ve had 20 days out of 35 days so only 15 more days to go! I’ve gotten into a daily routine and it seems like the days have gone quite quickly. Some of the physical changes have happened.

I wrote earlier that Terry had warned me of some of the physical changes that may happen. I now experience some diarrhea but it’s not excessive and if it gets out of control I only have to chew two Immodium tablets. (The generic brand works just fine.) I do have more urgency and frequency but again it’s nothing I can’t deal with. I get the weekends to sleep and take a break so that helps a lot.

One thing that has changed is my appetite. I’m hungry almost all the time and I’m eating a lot more. Betsy has to pack snacks in my lunch as I can’t quite make it to lunch. I also save a bit for an afternoon snack as well. I’m eating bread again! Interestingly, I haven’t gained a lot of weight, maybe 2-3 pounds. I do get tired but feel ok to play golf on the weekends.

I asked the nurses about the doses as I now try counting the seconds for each of the 5 bursts. Big V starts underneath and then moves 45 degrees for each of the 4 other doses. I thought maybe I was getting longer doses but the nurses said that the machine’s computer decides how long to deliver the dose based on the temperature and humidity in the room. No wonder Big V cost so much!

I have asked the doctor how we know this is working and he said, “We don’t!” The only way to know will be to monitor my next PSA tests. (I have heard of some newer blood tests that may be even better that the PSA so I plan to ask Dr. Laudone about these next time I see him.)

I’ve seen some of the other patients finish up their treatments and leave while new patients have just started their course. That’s the problem with this disease, there are always others getting it.

Feel free to post your own experiences with treatment. I’m fairly optimistic at this point that we are killing off all the bad stuff. And, if not, I’m sure there will be another treatment that someone invents. Here’s the thing, I’ve got a lot of new products to make and golf to play before I knock on those gates. (Well, I hope I get to knock.)