Good News!

Just visited my Urologist and received the good news. My PSA was again below .1 or unreadable. This is really good news especially since the false alarm I just posted. My doc says that typically, if your PSA is elevated after surgery, it means that the cancer has appeared elsewhere. He called the clean up radiation a “belt and suspenders” approach. We have been very aggressive in going after this disease. The doc said he had been astounded to find the cancer in both sides of the gland, through the exterior, into the seminal vesicles and into the prostate bed. The radiation made sure we killed off any remaining cells.

I don’t need to see him or get another PSA test for six months. Only time will tell, but I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll be playing golf for a while longer.  Oh yeah!  I didn’t get the Ford Mustang GT but did lease a new Buick Lucerne this past week.  Ok so it doesn’t appeal to anyone under 60 but it has more goodies and toys than any car I have ever owned.  I especially like the lady who talks to me when I push the ONSTAR button.