Blogging about Prostate Cancer journey!

Hormone Shots

The first shot I’ve gotten a new doc that I like a lot.  He is Dr. Michael Franks.  The PSA continued to spike on my last visit to 1.6.  He said it looks more aggressive than previously thought.  He recommended a hormone shot to bring down the numbers.  After talking to some golfing buds who …

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Two New Hips!

It’s been a while for any kind of post but here we go.  I recently had my left hip replaced with a state of the art prosthetic.  The procedure was done at VCU’s teaching hospital by Dr. Jason Hull.  This is the first real surgery I’ve undergone since my prostate removal.  I had an epidural …

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Recent News

Health/Work Update Hi everyone, It’s been over a year since I posted anything about health but I’m hanging in there.  The best news is that here it is another year and still my PSA is below readable levels.  That’s great news!  My next goal is 5 years out.  On the work issue, another great milestone-retirement.  …

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Good News!

Just visited my Urologist and received the good news. My PSA was again below .1 or unreadable. This is really good news especially since the false alarm I just posted. My doc says that typically, if your PSA is elevated after surgery, it means that the cancer has appeared elsewhere. He called the clean up …

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Yikes! My PSA is UP?

June 1, 2007 It’s now June 1st, 2007, only two weeks after finishing radiation treatments and I have another horror story worthy of a post. The scary part of having a prostatectomy is your next blood test. I finished my last radiation dose on May 18th and started to get my system back into shape. …

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Da Big V!

For those of you following my “Dealing with Prostate Cancer” epistles, this is the continuing saga. As I left off, we were relating how I was getting setup for therapy. Now I have actually started it and have had three sessions already. (Only 32 more to go!) So, Monday, April 2nd ( the day AFTER …

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