Hilton Head (Circa 2007)

 “Welcome to the new house of Martello.”   Here you will find all about our lives, hobbies and family history.  This site is currently under construction and many pages are not yet completed.  Please bear with us and return in the near future.

We want to hear from you and especially if you are family.  For a complete look at our genealogy, go to your history page.  (Coming soon) Look up your name to find your ancestors. If you find any errors, or want to add/update information, please send me an email at  nick@martellofamily.com.

To protect the privacy of living family members, all photos and personal information on our website are hidden. Family members may sign up for a username and password to view images and personal data of themselves or other living relatives.

Feel free to email me scanned or digital images of family and I will add them to our online resources. If you have scanned birth certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates or any other documents, I will be happy to place them into our online family documentation folders.  When searching for your relatives, keep in mind our name was changed from Martella to Martello when Grandpa Nicholas and his brothers came to the US in the late 1800’s.  To search for your name on the genealogy page, enter your last and first name.  If you don’t find yourself listed, start with a name of a person who should be listed such as your grandfather.  Mostly paternal names are traced at this site and very few maternal names are traced.


4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Bernie Cooperson

    Hello, Nick. Congrats !
    Old KASI employees never die, they just…….
    And what does “DCP” stand for anyway ?
    I miss the ol’ KAC-6000.
    Just kidding.
    P.S. Any news on Tom Stewart and/or Ira Clemens ?

  2. William (WJ) Hardison

    Nick, I know this probably isn’t the fastest way to get in contact,(I’m at work and don’t have your number in my phone) but I spoke to Lenny DiDonato today. I want to send you a copy of the beginning of his memoirs because there is some great stuff and interesting information in it about Grandma Delores, your dad, my mom, etc. My phone is (714)402-5819. e-mail w.hardison@ca.rr.com
    Bill Hardison

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