Health, Work and Patience


Seems like it’s been months since last I sat down to write something. Thought I would write an update to my post cancer treatments. Well knock on wood, I have passed my yearly visit to both my Urologist and Radiation docs with flying colors. PSA is below the limits of the test. For you newbies, that means I’m in the green health wise. All of us survivors continue to dread the 6 month PSA test. We certainly don’t look forward to it but are grateful to see the numbers stay way down.


Work is getting harder everyday because we all have to do more with less. We continue to do real well and it’s so satisfying to know that products you helped put together can save lives. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a marketing director for the Fire-Lite brand of Honeywell Life Safety. We make commercial fire alarm systems. The smoke detectors we use are made by our sister company System Sensor and are not the kind you buy in Home Depot. These are microprocessor based and constantly polled by our sophisticated, micro processor based panels.

A lot of folks think sprinklers save lives and are life safety devices. Not true. Sprinklers are only good for property protection. And, at best, can only save the shell of a building. Consider this, each individual sprinkler head is set to go off at a very high temperature caused only by a flaming fire. By the time a fire gets that hot, it’s way too late to get out of a burning building. Fires have to be detected in seconds, not minutes, that’s why only a smoke detection system can save lives. By the way, have you changed your home smoke detector batteries lately? I do it once every year. I also have a carbon monoxide detector in my family room. Every home should have one of these as this stuff is a silent killer. You can’t smell it, see it or sense it in anyway, and, it can be produced by a faulty furnace or other combustion source.


All I can say about this is the longer I live, the less patience I have.