Two New Hips!

It’s been a while for any kind of post but here we go.  I recently had my left hip replaced with a state of the art prosthetic.  The procedure was done at VCU’s teaching hospital by Dr. Jason Hull.  This is the first real surgery I’ve undergone since my prostate removal.  I had an epidural and so was semi-awake during the operation.  The doc also a golfer was a character and asked me if while he was replacing the hip should he do a little “tuning”.  I asked him what he meant and he said, “Well you know, I could trim a bit here and there and give you a power draw or a power fade on your drive.”  I said, “how about down the middle.”  He said, “No problem.”  (LOL)

Seriously, I was really impressed at the speed of my recovery.  My operation took place February 14th (Valentines Day) and six weeks later, I’m back on the golf course.  True, I have to relearn my swing timing, but its interesting that I seem to be standing more erect instead of leaning and my putting has improved.  The most important part is that I’m pain free.  I was quite miserable before the operation and if I stepped incorrectly, the pain was excruciating.

As far as the hospital is concerned, I could not have received better care.  It was also interesting to review the hospital bills.  I was quite surprised at the “list prices” submitted by the hospital and the actual payment provided by Medicare and my supplemental insurance.  By the way, VCU is a city hospital and accepts patients from all walks of life.  Medicare is a great deal for seniors so I am dismayed to learn that due to the Affordible Health Care Plan or “Obamacare”  the cost will go from $99.00 a month to over $250.00 a month.

Anyway, I really recommend VCU and Dr. Hull.

Update:  I had the hip  done again by Dr. Hull but at St. Mary’s as he moved his practice there.  Again, I was back playing within 7 weeks.