Health/Work Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been over a year since I posted anything about health but I’m hanging in there. The best news is that here it is another year and still my PSA is below readable levels. That’s great news! My next goal is 5 years out. On the work issue, another great milestone-retirement. I decided to hang it up after a great career in fire and security. I truly enjoyed my last 11 years with Honeywell and to celebrate, over 50 of my work friends gave me a great sendoff at the Inn in Middletown.

It’s now been 3+ months since my last day. We spent a couple of weeks at Hilton Head in November, one week looking for homes in South Carolina, (both in Charleston/Summerville area and Aiken) one week sponging off my sister Sandra in LaGrange, Georgia and one week helping Michelle and Zane with house items in Richmond. We also looked at homes in Richmond and found some nice areas. The house has been on the market since June and due to the lousy economy, we have not had too many lookers. We hope the spring and the government’s huge spending incentives will encourage some buyers.

Retirement certainly doesn’t mean no work. I continue to keep involved with fire and security issues as a consultant and have authored a few magazine articles for my friends at Honeywell Life Safety. It’s great as I keep my brain working and get to stay connected with old friends.

I also signed up for FaceBook and have used this to keep in touch on a personal level. That’s all for now but I promise to keep the blog up especially on the work side.

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