Hormone Shots

I’ve gotten a new doc that I like a lot. He is Dr. Michael Franks. The PSA continued to spike on my last visit to 1.6. He said it looks more aggressive than previously thought. He recommended a hormone shot to bring down the numbers. After talking to some golfing buds who have done this, I was instantly reassured. One guy told me his numbers spiked to almost 10 and the hormone shot brought it almost back to zero. The only bad side effects are heat flashes, and possibly breast enlargement.

So I had Dr. Franks give me the shot. Its been 4 weeks now and I have not experienced any of the side effects. I have noticed some fatique in the afternoons. I have also noticed a weight loss but that may be due to the extra labor on the race car each night.

More later.

Its Working!
It’s been a while since my first shot. I am now at number four getting one every 4 months. The numbers are at zero again!

Side Effects
So yes there are side effects. These are more prevalent after about a week or two of getting the new shot. Its very similar to those experienced by women going through menopause. I experience a lot of sweat and heat on my face but it only lasts about 30 seconds. Also a bit more fatique. However, its so much better that the alternative.

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